Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.-- Abigail Adams


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are incredibly passionate about this work and it shows in all the best ways. This training is engaging, conversational, humorous, and open-hearted. We offer a safe space for honest inquiry and team growth. We believe your organization is striving for excellence and we believe your employees are as well. So, everyone present is treated as an essential part of the bright future. Though awareness is an admirable goal of any learning program, it is not our ultimate goal in this training. Our goal is to elevate the inclusivity in your team by highlighting the tremendous individual value of each team member.

Leadership and Organizational Development

We are curators and ambassadors of big ideas. We specialize in teaching what is working—and how. There are many well-researched and well-proven strategies for leadership, management, and team approaches to successful implementation of transformational processes. We share this work with you in engaging and accessible ways. Our current offerings include:
~Personal Mastery ~ 
~Listening, Empathy, and Effective Communication~
~Crucial Conversations~
~Buddy to Boss: New Leaders Development~
 ~Motivation and Engagement~
~Strategy; Strategic Thinking and Planning~
~Project and Time Management~
~Disciplined Execution~

Ethics & Integrity

 A firm understanding of ethical conduct in the workplace provides everyone in the organization with the same moral compass. We provide training for ethical issues with significant legal implications such as harassment prevention, discrimination prevention, and privacy protection. We also offer training tailored to your organization’s core values and code of conduct to engage employees at all levels to honor their personal and professional integrity in all business dealings and relationships. 

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