Ethics & Integrity

We believe in excellence. We believe integrity is a cornerstone of excellence.

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Ethics & Integrity Training

Ethical conduct is a cornerstone of sustainable success in any organization. Ethics involves all employees, and extends far beyond training supervisors and managers to comply with state and federal laws and enforce your the company’s ethics policy. A firm understanding of ethical conduct in the workplace provides everyone in the organization with the same moral compass. 
We provide training for ethical issues with significant legal implications such as harassment prevention, discrimination prevention, and privacy protection.  We also offer training tailored to your organization’s core values and code of conduct to engage employees at all levels to honor their personal and professional integrity in all business dealings and relationships. 

Compliance Hotline

We provide an independent, third-party Ethics & Compliance Hotline subscription service as an anonymous and confidential means for employees  to report potential fraud, harassment, discrimination, or other policy and ethics violations.
A third-party hotline service empowers employees to report concerns since they are less likely to be identified, and thus less likely to fear retaliation.
For organizations committed to excellence, our service is a cost-effective way to ensure your employees, values, reputation, and bottom line are protected.
Based on the size and nature of your organization, our subscription service fees begin as affordably as $14 per month.


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